50k air brakes

done 4400h 16 reg

front linkage pto


2500 engine hours

20 foot header, straw chopper, rape knife available


50k vario transmission with air brakes

front linkage PTO 150 HP

650/540 tyres

58 Reg (2008) 8700 hours


66 reg  55k

4700 hours  auto-steer ready plus field mapping

 710/600 tyres


This tractor was fully restored

In excellent condition - new front tyres fitted


two wheel drive

with loader

Excellent condition

all works as


good condition

all works

new engine refurb


Everything works as it should


Has had engine re-build

3347 hours


*loader could be fitted to this tractor*


This tractor has had an engine re-build

Would go straight to work

We can offer a re-spray service at extra cost

We can deliver at an extra cost

£ 2,250

can have loader fitted

*from £3,500 up to £6,000*

*Various models - we renovate and restore to original condition*

*Always ongoing projects. Can be finished to customer specification*

*Quality workmanship. Welcome to come take a look*